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The Office for Multicultural Affairs (AmkA) Amt für multikulturelle Angelegenheiten - AmkA was founded in 1989 by decision of the municipal administration of Frankfurt am Main.

The population of Frankfurt is characterised by its high degree of cultural diversity. The task of AmkA as a municipal authority is to promote and support the various ethnic groups in Frankfurt in living together constructively.
Successful integration will have been achieved once all residents of Frankfurt, regardless of origin and background, shape the future of the city together. Equal opportunity and equal participation are basic principles of this. AmkA develops focused integration measures, supports the networking of institutions that deal with integration, and promotes tolerance and understanding between residents.

AmkA mediates in the case of conflicts with neighbours, public authorities and the police, performs antidiscrimination work and manages projects with parents and children for language and occupational integration. AmkA develops concepts together with cooperation partners dealing with the subject of integration, inter-cultural competence and diversity.
Intercultural dialogue and the expansion of networks are amongst our office's most important fields of action.

A selection of the focal points of our work

  • Age and migration
  • Anti-discrimination work
  • City district mediation
  • Consultancy and promotion of associations
  • Immigration and integration courses
  • Inter-city networks
  • Intercultural events
  • School, education and language
  • Religion
  • Women and human rights

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The office can also be reached at www.amka.de.


Logo Amt für multikulturelle Angelegenheiten  Frankfurt am Main

The Office for Multicultural Affairs (AmkA)
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