Swimming baths

Frankfurt offers many exciting bathing opportunities with its 3 water parks, 2 indoor swimming pools and 7 open-air baths. The water parks are an especially good place for families with children to enjoy their leisure time. They also include the most beautiful sauna facilities in an architecturally appealing atmosphere. In 1 of the 2 conventional indoor swimming pools, quiet and ambitious swimmers in particular will get their money’s worth. In the summer, people meet at the 7 open-air baths, all of which are embedded in beautiful green landscapes.

Even to people who know Frankfurt well, it comes as a surprise that there are more than 50 lakes and ponds in the city. Many of them are in the middle of the city, while others are located idyllically in the forest – in any case it is worth going out of your way to discover them. There are large swimming lakes in the near vicinity, including the Schultheiß Pond (Schultheißweiher) in Offenbach and the Langener Forest Lake (Langener Waldsee), where the elite among international triathletes hold their swimming competition for the Ironman Frankfurt title.

Indoor swimming pools

Hallenbad Höchst © BäderBetriebe Frankfurt

Höchst Indoor Swimming Pool

At the Höchst Indoor Pool visitors can do more than just swim and paddle. They can also visit a sauna with different chambers.

Riedbad Bergen-Enkheim © BäderBetriebe Frankfurt

Riedbad Bergen-Enkheim (Indoor Pool)

The indoor pool offers bathing enjoyment with a 25-metre-long multi-purpose pool as well as sauna facilities and a large fitness area.

Open-air baths

Freibad Brentano © BäderBetriebe Frankfurt

Brentano Open-Air Bath

Do you want to have the feeling of spending a day bathing at a lake without leaving the city? The spacious swimming pool at the open-air bath makes this possible.

Freibad Eschersheim © BäderBetriebe Frankfurt

Escherheim Open-Air Bath

This open-air bath contains the widest water slide in Europe and Frankfurt’s largest fountain. Particularly on hot days a visit offers an enjoyable bathing experience.

Freibad Hausen © BäderBetriebe Frankfurt

Hausen Open-Air Bath

For anyone who wants to swim and bathe in the open air even when it’s still April, the bath offers comfortably heated water even in the springtime.

Oberbürgermeister Peter Feldmann (l) sitzt bei der Pressekonferenz zum 'Museum Of Modern Electronic Music' (MOMEM) neben dessen designierten Direktor Alexander Azary (r), 23. Januar 2018, © Stadt Frankfurt am Main, Foto: Maik Reuß

MOMEM moves into Hauptwache

City of Frankfurt and private promoters are launching the Museum Of Modern Electronic Music [MOMEM] in 2018.

Freibad Nieder-Eschbach © BäderBetriebe Frankfurt

Nieder-Eschbach Open-Air Bath

Holiday atmosphere in the open air – the Nieder-Eschbach Open-Air Bath is small but nice, and offers its guests everything they need for a refreshing day of bathing.

Riedbad Bergen-Enkheim © BäderBetriebe Frankfurt

Riedbad Bergen-Enkheim (Open-Air Bath)

The heated open-air bath is completely quiet, surrounded by meadows with scattered fruit trees. It offers a swimming pool, a pool for non-swimmers, and a paddling pool.

Freibad Silo © BäderBetriebe Frankfurt

Silo Open-Air Bath

Heated water in a stainless steel pool, a mini-golf course, beach volleyball courts and a children’s playground make the Silo Open-Air bath an oasis for bathing and playing.

Freibad Stadion © BäderBetriebe Frankfurt

Stadion Open-Air Bath

The Stadion Open-Air Bath in the Niederrad district guarantees bathing satisfaction with its heated pool. In addition to a 50-metre pool there is also a diving pool with a 10-metre tower.

Water parks

Panoramabad Bornheim © BäderBetriebe Frankfurt

Bornheim Panoramic Bath

The panoramic bath lives up to its name: due to its location, the water park offers beautiful views of eastern Frankfurt.

Rebstockbad © BäderBetriebe Frankfurt

Rebstock Bath

With the motto “Aloha Beach and Bathing Enjoyment”, Frankfurt’s largest water park offers everything necessary for an occasional mini-holiday.

Titus Thermen © BäderBetriebe Frankfurt

Titus Thermal Baths

The Titus Thermal Baths offer a wonderful way to enjoy free time. Under one roof, visitors find a water park, a Roman sauna and a fitness centre.