Carmelite Monastery

The Carmelite Monastery (Karmeliterkloster) of 1246 is located on Karmelitengasse. Today, the Institute for Municipal History is located here. The former church contains the Archaeological Museum. In the cellar, “Die Schmiere” offers satirical theatre.

  • Late Gothic monastery from approx. 1460 – 1520 around rectangular arcade cloister north of the single-vessel hall church, to which the Carmelites added a chapel and continued to expand in the 13th to 14th century.
  • refectory as 2-aisle hall in the north wing
  • here and in the cloister large cycles of late medieval murals and the history of the order and of saints by Jörg Ratgeb (1514-19)
  • changed in 1955-57 due to damage from the war

Year of construction: ca. 1460 – 1520


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