Money Museum of the Deutsche Bundesbank

To be able to direct the flow of money on your own! The Money Museum of the Deutsche Bundesbank (Geldmuseum der Deutschen Bundesbank) fulfils this wish for its visitors. Through a computer simulation you can influence the entire money supply and consider the complex relationships between monetary and foreign exchange policy.

In six thematic “scenes” the Money Museum demonstrates exciting economic and political relationships and makes the history of money seem more real. The first scene focuses on numismatics and money technology, with historical coins from all over world, from antiquity to the present. An extensive collection of paper money and many other means of payment are also shown here. Objects relating to money, from techniques for producing money such as coin presses to displays on recognising counterfeit money complete the collection. Here, visitors can even test to see if the bills in their own wallets or purses are real.

The other five areas focus on monetary and foreign exchange policy, the meaning of monetary value and stability and the special role of the central bank itself. Interactive information programmes and computer games in each “scene” illustrate the background of economic terms and connections. Central, current and complex topics are discussed as part of guided tours, lectures and special evenings at the museum. The specialised library, the historical archive and the comprehensive press archives are open to anyone who is interested in using them.


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