Bible House on the Museum Riverbank

HE might have lived like this: Stories about Jesus come to life when visitors to the Bible House (Bibelhaus) on the Museum Riverbank board a reproduction of a boat from his era. It is a replica of an archaeological finding from the Sea of Galilee, where Jesus lived and preached. There is also a nomad’s tent from Abraham’s time that helps people imagine what life was like then. The bridge to the present is made by the picture exhibition “Modern Nomads”. And what do myrrh, frankincense and anointing oil actually smell like? What did religious music sound like 3,000 years ago? Visitors can also learn about this here. The distribution of the Bible would have been unthinkable without book printing. Visitors can also use a Gutenberg press to print a text from the Bible. Various paths lead through the history of the Bible and the development of the tradition. They show the connections between Islam, Judaism and Christianity and establish the relationship between the contents of the Bible and contemporary life.

In 2003, the Museum of Experiences opened in a former church. It is orientated toward people of all ages, from pre-school to seniors. There is a series of presentations for young visitors. Public guided tours and special guided tours for the visually and hearing impaired are also part of the concept. Temporary exhibitions emphasise particular topics. The museum shop offers a wide variety of different editions and translations of the Bible, Bibles for children, games and religious literature. There are also exhibitions of books to be lent out.


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