Twin Towns

In Europe, in the Middle and Far East and across the Atlantic– Frankfurt entertains excellent international contacts with 17 twin towns on four continents.

The oldest twinning agreement was concluded 50 years ago with the city of Lyon on 8 October 1960. The quest for lasting reconciliation inspired communes after the Second World War to organize opportunities for their citizens to meet people from the former enemy countries. Although nowadays the main focus of these relationships is on the transfer of know-how, personal contacts remain an important feature. In the field of economic cooperation, town-twinning relations occasionally help open doors and trigger dialogue.

Frankfurt’s town-twinning relationships stand out for their vibrancy and authenticity. The great number of exchange trips by residents, school children and clubs supported by the city of Frankfurt testify to the great interest that still exists among its population in meeting with people from twin towns.

Frankfurt's Twin Towns

  • Birmingham
  • Budapest
  • Deuil-La Barre
  • Dubai
  • Eskişehir
  • Granada / Nicaragua
  • Guangzhou (Canton) / China
  • Cairo
  • Krakow
  • Leipzig
  • Lyon
  • Milan
  • Philadelphia
  • Prague
  • Tel Aviv - Yafo
  • Toronto
  • Yokohama