Promotion of Exchanges with Twin Towns

Generally, the Office facilitates exchanges between social groups with their respective partner organizations either in Frankfurt or in one of the twin towns. This applies for instance to clubs, church communities, trade unions and other special interest groups. There must be at least ten persons per group. Under these guidelines, exchanges between private individuals are not supported unless they serve the purpose of preparing group exchanges.

The exchanges are reciprocal and generally involve free board and lodging in the host families.

Special assistance is provided for exchanges of Frankfurt’s schools and educational institutions as well as for exchange programmes with at least 75 % of the participants under 18. This special sponsorship includes special allowances for travel and earmarked purposes and a guided city tour.

Grants must be applied for in writing to the Office of International Affairs at least four weeks prior to the trip. For trips to a twin town, the application must include: a copy of the scheduled programme, the list of participants, a letter of invitation from the partner organization, a financial plan, and a quote for the best-price mode of transport. For return visits in Frankfurt am Main: a copy of the programme, the list of participants, a letter of invitation to the partner organization and the financial plan are required. After the trip a report on expenditure must be submitted.

If you are looking for a partner organization in one of Frankfurt's twin towns, please let us know. We will be happy to assist you.