Industrial Institutions and Companies

About 50,315 companies operate in Frankfurt. There is very rapid movement among companies. For example, about 12,400 companies registered for the first time and about 9,200 companies deregistered in 2010. This leaves a positive balance of about 3,200 companies, which shows that the Frankfurt economy is growing.

These figures also show, however, that there are huge changes and restructuring in the Frankfurt economy nearly every year.

To find your way through the dynamic development in Frankfurt we offer you the following databases:

Industrial associations and institutions

The trade associations and institutions help to answer a wide range of specialist questions by companies, organise further training courses and express companies’ concerns in the public and political spheres.

Foreign trade missions

For Frankfurt based companies with foreign trade contacts and the large number of foreign companies in Frankfurt we have collected the international addresses in Frankfurt.

Foreign business clubs

There is a large network of business clubs in Frankfurt, where German and foreign business people meet for discussions or informal gatherings or just some after work relaxing.