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Partner City since 24 March 1990

Partner City since 24 March 1990


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The capital of Hungary is situated on both banks of the River Danube. Budapest is the cultural and economic centre of Hungary, a major finance and trade show centre with several universities. Traditionally, Buda, the old Magyar capital, was the administrative and Pest the trade centre. Some of the most popular city attractions include the more than 120 thermal springs.


Countless museums and galleries, libraries, opera houses, theatres, concert halls, the Hungarian Academy of Science, Franz-Liszt Academy. Annual music festivals (spring festival, "Bucszu" and "Pepsi Island"), Formula 1 host city, and much more.


Easily recognisable on the banks of the Danube, one finds the old and hilly Buda, with its royal castle grounds and a plethora of historically and architecturally interesting sights, including Matthias Church, the fisherman´s docks, and medieval town houses.
On the other side of the Danube, where the landscape is flatter, lies the newer part of the city, Pest. This part of Budapest is characterised by many styles of architecture, including the magnificent parliament building, time-honoured town houses, an old town centre with bustling pedestrian promenades, and perfectly restored market halls.

• Gellértberg: citadel
• City forest: Millennium memorial, Museum of Fine Arts,
Castle Vajdahunyad, Széchenyi Baths
• Memorial commemorating Roman times:
Aquincum, Contra-Aquincum,
Thermae Maiores, Hercules Villa,
military and public amphitheatres, aqueducts.