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Partner City since 15 October 1960

Partner City since 15 October 1960


445.000 (greater Lyon region: 1.2 million)


In 43 B.C. the Romans built the city of "Lugdunum" and declared it capital of Gaul. Strategically located at the confluence of the Rhône and Saône rivers, Lyon soon became a renowned trading centre and traffic junction. In the 15th century, Lyon witnessed a number of important scientific discoveries. Jacquard invented the automatic loom for silk weavers, the Lumière brothers created the first moving pictures, while Ampère discovered the laws of electricity.


Lyon has a famous opera house, 26 museums (incl. the Textile Museum, the Gallic-Roman Museum etc.), countless public libraries and numerous theatres


The charming medieval old town centre, with its typical lanes and alleyways weaving their way around the 12th century cathedral of St. Jean, was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO only a short time ago. Nearby, the Notre-Dame-de-Fourvière, a basilica erected in 1872, rises high above Lyon´s old town centre.
Numerous "bouchons", traditional Gallic inns serving typical regional cuisine, attract visitors with their culinary delights and superb wine lists – including the finest selections from the nearby Beaujolais and Côte du Rhône regions. Particularly impressive is the nightly illumination of the entire city centre.