CityGuide Mobile – pedestrian navigation system

CityGuide Mobile is an innovative interactive pedestrian navigation system for mobile terminals such as Java-compatible mobile telephones and handheld computers.

CityGuide Mobile allows users to use all the facilities offered by the City of Frankfurt am Main quickly and easily while on the move.

The following four steps should be followed to find out whether you can use CityGuide Mobile on your mobile terminal and, if so, how.

1) Check mobile terminal – requirements
Your mobile telephone must meet the following requirements:
(this information can normally be found in the user’s manual for your mobile telephone)

  • 512KB ROM, 1024 KB RAM
  • Display with at least 256 colour tones and at least 128x128 pixels
  • Java-compatible (MIDP1.0 and CLDC 1.0 or above)
  • Supports socket protocol
  • Internet link via GPRS, Wi-Fi or local network

2) GPRS-link
To be able to operate CityGuide Mobile, you will need a functioning GPRS Internet link on your mobile telephone.
Important: The use of a GPRS Internet link entails costs that vary depending on the type of contract and rate. Please ask your network operator for contract options and other information.

3) Software installation
In general, you can install CityGuide Mobile on your mobile telephone in two different ways.

1. By mobile telephone via the Wap browser

  • Open the Wap browser on your mobile phone (usually to be found in the Services menu or Internet)
  • Then enter one of the two following addresses:
  • The installation process will then commence. The program will be installed in the applications or games file, for example, depending on the device.

2. By data link using a PC

  • Click on the download addresses to be found in the righthand column and save both files on your PC.
  • Now transfer both files to your mobile telephone using infrared, Bluetooth, USB cable or PC Suite
  • If the installation process fails to start immediately, you will find the program file in the incoming messages box of your mobile telephone after copying has been completed
  • If appropriate, open the message to start the installation process

4) Completing installation
In the final step, you should check whether in the Java settings of your mobile telephone it is permissible to use the GPRS Internet link through a Java application.
If this is not permitted, the device will be able to start the application, but it will not gain any link to the Internet because of the security settings.

Important: We would once again like to point out that the use of a GPRS Internet connection gives rise to costs that vary depending on the type of contract and rate. Please ask your network operator for this information.
The software and route calculation facility are free of charge.

The City of Frankfurt am Main and Webnologic hope that you enjoy browsing through this facility!