Old Sachsenhausen

In the narrow cobblestone lanes and small squares with frame houses and fountains, visitors to Frankfurt feel like they have been transported back in time. In the large and small Rittergasse, in Paradiesgasse and Klappergasse “Epelwoi pubs” are lined up one after another in Old Sachsenhausen (Alt-Sachsenhausen). On long benches on wooden tables visitors drink their “Stöffche” from “Gerippten” – apple wine from ribbed apple wine glasses. There are also Frankfurt specialities such as beef with green sauce (Grüne Soße), hand cheese (Handkäs), or a takeaway pretzel from the pretzel man.

Brunnen mit Frau Rauscher in Sachsenhausen © Stadt Frankfurt am Main
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The centre of the apple wine quarter is the Klappergasse with the famous Frau Rauscher fountain. At irregular intervals it spits out water, sometimes catching inattentive pedestrians. In no other neighbourhood are there as many working fountains as in Sachsenhausen. Residents of the district celebrate this every summer with a fountain festival with a large programme, a procession and voting for a fountain queen. The festival was mentioned as early as 1490; residents celebrated after the annual cleaning of their drinking water fountains. Anyone who wants to avoid the lively, damp and cheerful festivities on the Klappergasse and the surrounding area should choose apple wine bars in concealed locations with secluded courtyards on the edge of the neighbourhood or near Schweizer Straße, Sachsenhausen’s attractive shopping area. Frankfurt’s youth hostel is also located right on the Main river – close to the pulsing life and near all the interesting landmarks.


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