13. St. Paul´s Church

Via the Römerberg, we go past the Römer to the Paulsplatz that is dominated by the red sandstone St. Paul´s Church (Paulskirche). As the seat of the first German national assembly (1848/49), it is the symbol of German democracy. Commemorative plaques on its façade recall famous politicians and honorary citizens of the city; on its north side a monument reminds us of the victims of National Socialism.

We return to the south side of the church and on the square there, look at the ‘Unification Monument’. We then proceed into Bethmannstraße. Our route now takes us right through the heart of Frankfurt’s government quarter: on the right and left, we see the extensions to the City Hall dating from around the turn of the century. After that, we then turn immediately left into Buchgasse.

Transport connection:
U 4/5, tram line 11/12 Römer


Paulsplatz 11
60311 Frankfurt am Main

Telefon: +49 (0)69 212 34920 (Hotline)

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