Frankfurt Airport

With over 61 million passengers Frankfurt Airport is an important international traffic hub. Passengers can choose from about 100 airline companies and fly to almost 300 destinations worldwide from Frankfurt.

Because of the high volume of passengers, a very good transport infrastructure for the airport is particularly important. Its proximity to Europe’s busiest motorway interchange, the "Frankfurter Kreuz", ensures the airport offers excellent travel connections for motorists. Furthermore, it has its own long-distance ICE station and its own regional station at Terminal 1. Approximately 170 long-distance trains take passengers to the airport every day. The regional and local trains of the Rhine-Main transport association stop at the regional station, where the transport association also has a mobility centre for passenger information.

There is also a coach station at Terminal 1 in front of the arrivals halls. The Lufthansa Airport Bus carries passengers from and to Mannheim, Heidelberg, Munich and Strasbourg several times a day, irrespective of the airline company that the passengers have booked their tickets with.