Frankfurt saves electricity - Support programme for companies, associations and community centers

The city of Frankfurt helps small and medium-sized enterprises to accurately analyze their energy consumption, to implement saving measures and save money. The funding is also available to clubs and community centers located in Frankfurt.

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How it works

1. Efficiency advice: It is not necessary to produce electricity bills or to have your electricity meter read to part. You simply need to contact a consultant from the KfW who will then visit your premises ans write a report on your electricity saving potential.

2. Determination of power-saving measures: The report determines investment measures tat will lead to a reduction of power consumption, which are clearly calculated.

3. Promotion: For every kilowatt hour that is saved through these energy saving investments, the applicant will get 10 cents back.

How much is funded?

We support a maximum of 30% of the total investment. This can be used in conjunction with other subsidies. However the total amount of subsidy cannot exceed 50% of the overall investment. The total funding amount is limited to EUR 50 000 per year and per company. The funding is paid upon proof of implementation.