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The programme "Ecoprofit" is aimed at small and medium sized businesses. It delivers both environmental and economic benefits. The programme is sponsored by the city of Frankfurt and run by external experts.

More than 40 companies in Frankfurt have already passed the beginner programme. The 17 companies that participated in the third year saved acombined more than 700.000 euros and reduced their energy consumption by 3.500.000 kWh.

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Ecoprofit - access to corporate environmental management

Because of its low overheads and low implementation costs, the programme is an important step in developing an environmental management system in accordance with EMAS and ISO 14001. In one year the programme focusses on:

  • On site appointments (individual counseling)
  • Joint workshops on various issues concerning the environment
  • Networking of the participating companies

Common workshops are a crucial factor for the Ecoprofit programme because the exchange of experience is central. The projects are supported by effective public relations.

Ecoprofit – The Club

After the companies have sucessfully completed the one-year-programme they have the opportunity to meet and benefit from exchangeing their experiences and further develop their environmental activities togehter.