Frankfurt saves electricity- Support programme for households

Frankfurt saves electricity is a support programme for households in Frankfurt. If you save more than 10 percent of your electricity consumption in one year you are rewarded with a premium.

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When participating in “Frankfurt saves electricity”, you benefit in several ways:

  • You save money and benefit from an extra premium.
    You will receive a 20 Euro bonus after decreasing your electricity consumption by 10 % in one years time.
  • For each additional kilowatt hour of electricity you save, you will receive 10 cents additionally.
  • At the same time you reduce your electricity bill and you have to spend less.
  • You are acting against greenhouse effect and you are helping our environment.
  • You are supporting Frankfurt in being a role model concerning climate protection.

Previous participants have saved 24% electricity on average in one year and were given a premium of approximately 70 Euros.