Municipal Energy Agency

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The Energy Agency (Energiereferat) was founded in 1990 as a part of Frankfurt's environmental department. Its aim is to develop and implement the energy and climate protection plan for the city. In 2008 the city council agreed on a concept that includes 50 energy saving and climate protection measures. This concept contains concrete steps how Frankfurt cann meet its obligations of reducing CO2 emission by 10 per cent every 5 years.
You can download the concept on the right.

Working Fields

The energy agency concentrates on four main areas:

  • 1. Electricity saving
  • 2. Energy planning and combined heat and power supply
  • 3. Reduction of energy consumption and use of renewable energies for buildings
  • 4. Masterplan 100% Climate Protection, which combines the ones above

Masterplan 100% climate protection

The energy agency is currently developing a concept on how the city can be supplied only by renewable energies by 2050. We plan to involve people of Frankfurt, architects, urban planner and businesses in this process.

Promotion of climate protection aims

The Agency's main task is to implement measures for climate protection by involving various partners. The Energy Agency works by bringing togehter different parties. It sets up feasibility studies and manages the the implementation of projects. The Energy Agency is not a competitor to consultants, planners and investors. It helps to organize projects which are carried out by partners. This way energy efficiency and climate protection can be combined with economic development and job creation.

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European Alliances and EU-Projects

The City of Frankfurt is member of several European alliances such as Climate Alliance, Energy Cities and Euro Cities. Frankfurt also signed the Coventant of Mayors in 2008.
The Energy agency is involved in different EU-Projects such as CHP goes Green (IEE), CASH (URBACT) and PRO EE (IEE).

Contact us:

Fon: ++49 69 21 23 91 92
Fax: ++49 69 21 23 94 72
Mail: energiereferat@stadt-frankfurt.de