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Frankfurt am Main, the world-class financial and services centre and focal point of the dynamic FrankfurtRheinMain economic region, is one of Europe’s leading locations for companies. The central location, the excellent infrastructure with one of the largest airports on the continent, the concentration of future-oriented companies and its international flair give the city its top position in a European comparison. As the seat of the European Central Bank, the city is of international importance in terms of monetary policy.

The city achieves dynamism, stability and resilience against crises due to the wide range of diverse companies that are located there. Known especially for its strong financial sector, Frankfurt am Main is also home to many other important sectors: the creative industry, the IT and telecommunications sector, biotechnology and life sciences, logistics and industry. Fast and simple access to markets is guaranteed with the existence of local institutions and educational facilities.

The Frankfurt Economic Development GmbH team will be happy to answer any questions you might have about Frankfurt as a business location.
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