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Co-operation since 3 October 1990

Co-operation since 3 October 1990


approx. 490.000


Leipzig started to gain fame as an international trading centre as early as the 12th century. Nine hundred years later, the city is still an equally renowned trade show venue, while also having accumulated a great number of architectural monuments and other celebrated sights along the way. Leipzig has retained its former beauty and appeal and has refocused on the source of its former glory. It is still today a meeting place for traders from the east and west, and the rich tradition associated with the Leipzig Book Fair and Leipzig University has not lessened in any way. Leipzig, with a new and highly modern trade fair and an important role as traffic and transport hub and international business centre, endeavours to meet the lofty demands placed on a European metropolis.


Leipzig is much more than the one-time home of celebrated poets and composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach and Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy. The city still places greatest emphasis on the arts. An Opera house, the world famous Gewandhaus-Orchestra, theatres and cabarets, stages of all shapes and sizes, continue to pay tribute to one of Europe´s longest-standing centres of art and culture. The "Alte Nikolaischule" – an old Renaissance-style school building that was restored between 1990 and 1994 thanks to the kind assistance of the City of Frankfurt – today houses a peaceful café and alternating exhibitions.


• Market square
• Old town hall
• Nikolaikirche
• Thomaskirche
• Auerbach Cellars
• Battle of the Nations Memorial