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Partner City since 11 May 1990

Partner City since 11 May 1990


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Prague is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic. As one of Europe´s most glamorous cities, “Praha” is known by many other names: the golden city, the city of a thousand steeples, the city of legends, the city of the golem, the city of Kafka and Schweijk. Today, Prague counts as one of the world´s most popular travel destinations - a city with a golden history and a long tradition as a European metropolis. Prague is a centre of trade, traffic and transport, banks and insurance companies. Prague is also an industrial centre, with mechanical engineering and metal working industries, textiles and foodstuffs production, and finally, with two renowned universities.


Prague is a cultural horn of plenty. There´s the National Theatre and a further two dozen stages, the renowned art academy, the National Gallery, numerous public libraries, the music festival "Springtime in Prague", and much, much more.


Prague is a city that offers grand views at seemingly every turn. Perhaps the grandest of them all is the monumental panorama view that one is offered from the imperial castle, high above the River Vltava. Centuries ago, emperors and kings summoned Europe´s most renowned master builders and architects to their courts so that they might build around them a city of architectural splendour and diversity never before seen in Europe. Prague offers history and architecture enthusiasts a full range of examples from every imaginable artistic, architectural and historical era. Today, there are some 2000 objects that have been put under official preservation order or declared national heritage sites.