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Partner City since 26 September 1989

Partner City since 26 September 1989


2.6 million


Toronto, Canada's largest city with a population of 2.6 million people (5.5 million in the GTA - Greater Toronto Area) is heralded as one of the most multicultural cities in the world with over 140 languages and dialects spoken. Toronto, Canada's corporate capital and leading business address, is home to more nationally and internationally top-ranked companies than any other Canadian city. The city's business infrastructure makes modern business in Toronto seamless. In this era of inter-connected global business, Toronto, with one of the largest networks of fibre-optic cable of any North American city, has the technology and bandwidth to move information faster than the speed of modern business. Toronto's highly skilled, educated and multi-lingual workforce provides the knowledge and know-how to keep Toronto businesses ahead of the rest.


Toronto has more museums then you can image. Everything from shoes to sugar, ceramic art to cultural collections, textiles to television, you can explore one or a multiple of things under one roof. Toronto is recognized as the third-largest theatre centre in the English-speaking world, after New York and London with over 90 venues in the GTA.


Of special interest is the CN Tower, at 553 meters the world?s tallest free-standing tower. On a clear day it is possible to see Niagara Falls, over 100 km away, by way of the rising spray and mist.

Other sightseeing destinations:
- City Hall
- Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)
- Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO)
- Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts
- Rogers Centre (formerly known as SkyDome)