Tel Aviv - Jaffa

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Partner City since 3 March 1980

Partner City since 3 March 1980


Tel Aviv lies on the Mediterranean coast, offering locals and visitors miles and miles of breathtaking bathing beaches.


357.000 (greater Tel Aviv: over 1 million)


Tel Aviv is the Middle East´s most modern city and, at the same time, Israel´s business und cultural capital. The ancient Canaanite city of Jaffa was incorporated into Tel Aviv in 1950. There´s no other place in Israel with such a varied entertainment on offer, so many galleries, concerts and theatres - in short: Tel Aviv is the place to be.


Tel Aviv´s touristic offerings include numerous museums, synagogues and mosques, the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, an opera house, the famous university, the Israeli Ballet Company, and several theatres.


Tel Aviv´s skyline is characterised by the great number of hotels lined up along the city´s extensive beach promenade. Architecture enthusiasts will be impressed by the multitude of Bauhaus-style structures that adorn downtown Tel Aviv. The historical city district of Jaffa, with its famous fishing port, appears to come straight out of the fairytale “Arabian Nights”. Walls built on top of one another, intertwining, turrets and towers, little lanes and alleyways tucked in amongst the architecture all help to exude a unique, colourful atmosphere that is enhanced by a multitude of studios, galleries, cafés and restaurants. Also well worth the visit are:
• The Diaspora Museum Beth Hatefutzot
• The Harry Oppenheimer-Diamond-Museum
• Tel Aviv Museum of Art
• Eretz Israel Museum
• Yehoshua Park