Titus Thermal Baths

The Titus Themal Baths (Titus Thermen), named after a Roman emperor, combine an ancient model of athletic enjoyment and relaxation in a generously equipped bath and sauna facility. Over an area of 5,000 square metres, visitors can bathe and swim to their heart’s content. The sauna extends over 3 floors. The Limesturm sauna is located on the roof terrace. In the basement, there is a modern fitness studio.

The swimming pool at the Titus Thermal Baths offers a holiday feeling and a Roman ambience, with fountains and rock landscapes. The spacious facility includes a sports swimming pool, a flat adventure bath with a channel with a running current and a baby bath for young water lovers. A special attraction is the 50-metre-long slide, which leads into an adventure bath with a stone grotto and a waterfall. The sports courses offered range from swimming courses and water gymnastics to aquajogging.


Titus Thermen
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