Archaeological Garden

The Archaeological Garden (Archäologische Garten) is located on the Cathedral Hill between the cathedral, Frankfurt’s Schirn Art Gallery (Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt) and the Technical Town Hall and forms Frankfurt’s nucleus. The outdoor installation makes it possible to view three levels of culture: the Roman era, the Imperial Palace and the high Middle Ages.

  • walls of a Roman military camp
  • Roman baths from the 1st and 2nd century with characteristic heating under the floor
  • remains of the Carolingian Imperial Palace, erected by Ludwig the Pious in the 9th century
  • large rectangular king’s hall (Aula regia) with centre piers
  • parts of the northern passage to the Salvator Chapel (under the present-day cathedral)
  • foundations and cellars of medieval middle-class houses

Archäologischer Garten
(Derzeit geschlossen)
Frankfurt am Main