St. Leonhard’s Church

St. Leonhard’s Church (St. Leonhardskirche) is one of Frankfurt’s most valuable structures. The towers and parts of the western wall are Romanesque, and the 5-aisle hall church is Late Gothic. The high stained-glass window in the choir is among the most precious in Hesse.

Year of construction: from 1219, from 1425, about 1515
Architect: M. Gerthener; H. Baltz

  • late Roman basilica from 1219 with twin towers over half-rounded apse and richly decorated north portals
  • overlaid with Late Gothic hall church from about 1425
  • presumably according to a design by M. Gerthener
  • with galleries, polygonal choir and external aisles
  • to the Salvator chapel by H. Baltz, about 1515
  • primarily Late Gothic furnishings in the remaining interior

Sankt Leonhardskirche
Am Leonhardstor 25
60311 Frankfurt am Main