Eurotower (European Central Bank)

It is true that the first euro was made in the Eurotower, which is now the headquarters of the European Central Bank, but the building had been given this name before the introduction of the new currency.

The former building of the Bank für Gemeinwirtschaft was occupied by the European Monetary Institute from 1995. Since 2 June 1998, it has been the home of the European Central Bank. However, the bank will move to its new location in Frankfurt’s Großmarkthalle in 2011. Even though the new tenants might not be a bank, the building will still be called the Eurotower.

  • Building owner: Hausgesellschaft am Theaterplatz
  • Architect: R. Heil
  • Construction period: 1971-1977
  • Construction: Steel-reinforced concrete frame construction, non-bearing aluminium and glass façade
  • Gross floor area: 78,000 square metres
  • Floors: 40
  • Height: 148.5 metres
  • Use: Bank building

Kaiserstraße 29
60311 Frankfurt am Main