The Kastor building is the twin tower of the Pollux building, and is also named for a son of Zeus and Leda. On the site of what used to be the administrative centre for the German Federal Railways, the towers now make up the “Forum” high-rise structure, a green square with a connection to the underground railway. A particular attraction of this semi-circular building is a large mural from the classical modern period by the Darmstadt artist Eberhard Schlotter.

  • Building owner: Ouorend Groed Maatschappiy Dinara BV
  • Architect: Kohn, Pedersen+Fox NHT
  • Construction period: 1994-1999
  • Construction: Steel-reinforced concrete, non-bearing glass, stone façade with aluminium-glass elements
  • Gross floor area: 38,700 square metres
  • Floors: 21
  • Height: 91.43 metres
  • Use: Office building

Platz der Einheit 1
60327 Frankfurt am Main