The floor plan of the Trianon is a sophisticated joining of various large triangular surfaces. These form a 3-sided, prismatic structure, the corners of which are also emphasised by 3-sided towers. Of particular interest is the “Diamond”, an inverted glass pyramid on the roof of the central section of the building. The high-strength concrete B-85 was used for highly stressed supports and walls in construction of the Trianon, which is the first structure in Germany to utilise this material.

  • Building owner: DEBEKO
  • Architect: Novotny Mähner Associates, HPP, Albert Speer & Partners
  • Construction period: 1990-1993
  • Construction: Steel-reinforced concrete frame construction, non-bearing aluminium and glass façade
  • Gross floor area: 84,600 square metres
  • Floors: 47
  • Height: 186 metres
  • Use: Bank building

Mainzer Landstraße 16-24
60325 Frankfurt am Main