Trade Fair Tower

Until the completion of the Commerzbank Tower in the year 1997 the Trade Fair Tower (Messeturm) was the highest office building in Europe. However, it’s not just the building’s impressive height of 256.5 metres that makes it a Frankfurt landmark. The building’s foundation, tower and pinnacle are distinctive, and recall American high-rise architecture of the 1920s. There is a similar skyscraper in Atlanta, USA, the Bank of American Plaza. Unfortunately, the pyramid at the top of the Trade Fair Tower is not accessible; it contains some of the building services.

  • Building owner: Tishman Speyer GmbH & Co. Messeturm KG
  • Architect: R. Murphy, H. Jahn
  • Construction period: 1989 -1991
  • Construction: Steel-reinforced concrete frame construction, non-bearing natural stone and glass façade
  • Gross floor area: 82,600 square metres
  • Floors: 54
  • Height: 256,5 m
  • Use: Office building

Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 49
60308 Frankfurt am Main

Internet: Link-Iconhttp://www.messeturm.com