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Visual phenomena and optical illusions, anything that confuses the eye and the brain, are the speciality of EXPLORA, the Frankfurt ScienceCenter. Here, joy in experimentation and individual initiative is encouraged. Visitors are sent on a journey to discover the riddles surrounding the illusion on their own, provided with special 3D glasses: Green has to go in front of the right eye, and then things get started, according to the alphabet and refreshingly chaotic. When observed through 3D glasses, anaglyph images become deeper and more spacious, monsters from holograms come frighteningly close, and the rigid gaze of the medusa pursues the viewer from a hollow mask. Once they have been set in motion, optical illusions create astonishment with unexpected effects and colours, and prism grids, better known as “lenticular images”, are just fun. Each component of the diverse collection invites exploration, in-depth study, and observation from different angles. EXPLORA lets you look at them and be amazed - until the moment of realisation. Scientific models and exhibitions show how both simple and extremely tricky phenomena function. Groups of visitors or school classes can also learn about this in depth from museum founder Gerhard Stief during a guided tour. With a great love of detail, the photo designer has furnished his museum in the old air-raid shelter on Gauburgplatz in Frankfurt’s Nordend district. 3D phenomena have interested him since childhood, and since then he has been bringing together curious and fascinating aspects from the world of sound and vision. From this emerged one of the world’s largest collections of 3D art and stereo images. EXPLORA is constantly expanding, because Stief continues to search through specialist shops, galleries and Internet platforms for new exhibits. This ensures a fascinating visit every time, for children and adults alike.


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