The programme at schauspielfrankfurt offers sensual and playful, analytical and emotional aspects. Plays from antiquity to modern times are performed on stages in the large and small buildings, and also at schmidtstrasse12, a factory building in the Gallus quarter: Aeschylus, Euripides and Sartre; Goethe, Kleist and Jelinek; Shakespeare, Chekov or Brecht. In addition to the literary classics, premiere performances of works by young authors are also included on the performance schedule. In this way, the gap between the municipal theatre repertoire and the possibilities of new forms of theatre is bridged. Invitations to national and international festivals testify to this programme’s great appeal.

With a mixture of its own productions and ones it organises with others, as well as international guest performances and artistic projects, schauspielfrankfurt brings exciting accents to the city’s theatrical scene and its internationality. Each season’s schedule is organised according to a particular theme. The directorship tries to find opportunities to work together constructively on the intersections between art, new media, economics, politics and society, to take up questions and raise them for discussion, and does not shy away from explosive topics. It is also important to schauspielfrankfurt to establish contact with children and adolescents. They can take part in workshops or supporting programmes or in the JAGO! youth club and develop their own theatrical projects with the well-established laiensclub.


Schauspiel Frankfurt
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