City with international flair

Frankfurt is home to people from over 180 countries. For all its versatility, the city has remained a manageable metropolis in which newcomers find it easy to get around and soon feel at home.


US-Americans form the largest business community: they made Frankfurt their headquarters immediately after the war and now the biggest US General Consulate in the world is here in Frankfurt. The number of residents from Asian and Eastern European countries is increasing sharply, notably from China: in 2009, some 6,900 Chinese citizens were living in the FrankfurtRhineMain region, twice as many as in the previous 8 years. Over the same period, the number of Indian residents rose more than 40% to 6,300 in 2009. The Koreans have made the region their European centre. From Western Europe, British and French citizens are very much in evidence.

Schools and education

There is an inestimable advantage for business people with a family, namely the 13 international or foreign schools, some of which have facilities for children of pre-school age. The German schools with their international focus and language facilities also help pupils to become quickly integrated.

All universities and higher technical colleges offer international degrees such as the BA and MBA and maintain co-operative arrangements with foreign institutions.

Out of the 45,000 students in Frankfurt, about 20% (= 9020 students) are from foreign countries.


60 foreign economic representative offices and about 100 consulates have been located in Frankfurt. Many service providers also talk to their international customers in their own language, including lawyers, company consultants, tax consultants, banks, advertising and PR agents and doctors.

Kinder lassen ihrer Fantasie freien Lauf beim Kinderfest im Liebieghaus, © Liebieghaus
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Diversity encourages creativity, which means that the cultural scene is particularly rich: Frankfurt Opera House (Oper Frankfurt), Frankfurt Theatre (schauspielfrankfurt) and classical concerts with guest performances from all over the world offer world-class events. The festivals arranged at the Rheingau valley and the state theatres of Darmstadt (Staatstheater Darmstadt) and Wiesbaden add to the range of events.

Frankfurt International Theatre (Internationales Theater Frankfurt) and English Theatre Frankfurt offer a wide range of musical and theatrical events in “foreign” languages.

A cinema centre shows all films in their original language, while the German Film Museum (Deutsches Filmmuseum) shows films from all over the world and films are shown in their original language at the various film festivals.

There is also a varied cultural scene in jazz cellars, music bars, After Work Parties and Open Air events.

Food and drink

The city’s restaurant scene also reflects its international focus: as well as typical cider pubs and gourmet restaurants, you can also find excellent Lebanese, Italian, Indian, Chinese and Japanese food. Many other countries also offer their specialities.

People who want to make friends and get some exercise can choose between 180 international business, cultural and sports clubs, join hundreds of Inline Skaters for the legendary Tuesday Night Skating or dance at one of the many discos and Ad Hoc Locations.