MOMEM moves into Hauptwache

City of Frankfurt and private promoters are launching the Museum Of Modern Electronic Music [MOMEM]

Frankfurt is getting a new Museum. Tuesday, 23rd of January, Lord Mayor Peter Feldmann, Deputy Mayor of Cultural Affairs Ina Hartwig and Deputy Mayor of Personnel Stefan Majer, presented the plans for the Museum Of Modern Electronic Music [MOMEM]. The keys will be handed over this spring, after the Café for the homeless which is accomodated there during the cold winter months has moved out.

The idea was initiated by Alex Azary, Andreas „Talla 2XLC“ Tomalla and Stefan Weil, who approached the city in search of spaces. In 2015 the initiators and representatives of the City have signed a letter of intent.

„MOMEM is a unique project. I would like to thank the initiators, who have proven patience and determination
and stuck to their vision and belief over this long period of time“, said Peter Feldmann, who takes over the patronage for this project.

Kulturdezernentin Ina Hartwig (2.v.l.) zeigt bei der Pressekonferenz zum 'Museum Of Modern Electronic Music' (MOMEM) das Buch 'Rave' von Rainald Goetz, neben ihr sitzen (l-r) Stadtrat Stefan Majer, Oberbürgermeister Peter Feldmann, der designierte MOMEM-Direktor Alexander Azary, Kirsten Girneth, Stefan Weil und Andreas Tomalla, 23. Januar 2018, © Stadt Frankfurt am Main, Foto: Maik Reuß
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Deputy Mayor of Cultural Affairs Ina Hartwig, „Electronic Music, which went from here to around the globe, is part of Frankfurt’s cultural identity. Now I’m looking forward to how the initiators will realize this unique music and exhibition project. I am convinced of this concept, pointing out cultural contexts and enriching the diversity of our local museum landscape for a young, international audience.

„The Hauptwache as a diverse, vivid kaleidoscope of people and cultures in our city is exactly the right location for MOMEM. I hope that it can establish itself in the coming years as a charming exhibition, the content reflecting temporary measure and that it will last permanently in to the future. Thanks are due in this context to Olaf Cunitz and Felix Semmelroth, who with the makers, laid the foundation for what is now to be implemented“ said Deputy Mayor of Personnel Stefan Majer.

MOMEM will start at Hauptwache as a pop-up museum. It will be located there for a period of two to four years, at least until we have found a final solution for the Hauptwache Area. The City of Frankfurt will provide the rooms for this interim use rent- free. The initiators will realize their innovative museum and exhibition concept independent respectively with the help of private supporters.

This new Museum will not only document electronic music, but also make it tactile and acoustically experienceable.
It will present artists and producers, technology, club culture, labels and event concepts, digitalisation. The program includes readings, lectures, events and performances of artists displayed in the museum. The connected academy will offer DJ and producer workshops and seminars and provide an insight in every- day work in the studio.

„It’s a great day for MOMEM,“ says initiator Alex Azary. „The city keeping its commitment – in my eyes that’s the message of today.“ For him it was important to emphasize that in Frankfurt the first museum worldwide for club culture will emerge. „And as soon as we have the keys, probably around easter, we will handle this location at Hauptwache audible and visually,“ co-initiator Stefan Weil pledged.

Peter Feldmann concluding, „The fact that Frankfurt played a significant role in the international development of electronic music since the 80’s is no secret anymore. In Frankfurt, the cultural relevance of this culture and youth movement is perceived and appreciated accordingly by the City Council. Therefore this prominent place in the heart of the city is perfect. I am especially happy about the numerous young visitors both domestic and foreign, who will - not least because of MOMEM - visit our city in the future.“