Inter-city networks

The city of Frankfurt am Main, represented by the Office for Multicultural Affairs (AmkA), Amt für multikulturelle Angelegenheiten (AmkA), is a member of the CLIP network. CLIP stands for "European Network of Cities for local integration policies", and it is a group of more than 30 European cities and institutions, which was founded in Dublin in 2006.
The network organises conferences and jointly creates studies for fields of action in communal integration policies.

The initial results of the CLIP network have been published:

  • The case study "Housing and segregation of migrants" "Kommunale Wohnpolitik zur Integration von Migranten" (2007) documents the municipal housing policy for the integration of migrants in Frankfurt am Main.

  • The case study "Diversity policy in employment and service provision" (2008)" ("Kommunale Diversitätspolitik in den Bereichen Beschäftigung und Dienstleistungen in Frankfurt am Main") examines the equality and diversity policies in regard to the employment of migrants in the city administration, as well as the municipal services for migrants.

  • The third focal point addresses the issue of inter-group relationships and intercultural policy ("Intergruppenbeziehungen und interkulturelle Politik") in the participating cities. There is also a case study for the city of Frankfurt am Main (2010).

    The aforementioned studies were created in cooperation with the European Forum for Migration Studies (efms) and can be downloaded.