City district mediation

Conflicts in the neighbourhood or in the city district?

Wherever there are people living together, there are conflicts. What is to be done, if there are problems in the neighbourhood or in the residential building?

First: Conflicts can be brought under control. The sooner they are brought to attention, the better they can be clarified.

Sometimes the involved parties solve them on their own. In this case, the Office for Multicultural Affairs (AmkA), Amt für multikulturelle Angelegenheiten (AmkA), is available to you for advice and assistance.

We will gladly hear what you have to say and provide you with comprehensive advice.

Upon request, we will visit all people involved in the conflict, we will carry out individual discussions in order to ascertain the reasons for the problems, and seek solutions in cooperation with you. Mediation is voluntary and impartial. Our mediators speak various languages.