Religious diversity

Frankfurt am Main has developed great religious diversity as a result of immigration: In addition to the Christian churches, more than 150 communities from all world religions have established themselves in the city. One matter that concerns the municipal administration is making these developments known.

Thus, the Office for Multicultural Affairs (AmkA), Amt für multikulturelle Angelegenheiten (AmkA), provides professional advice to educational facilities, other public authorities and the media, organises specialised conferences on the topic of "Religion in the Migration" and mediates contacts and speakers.

AmkA advises religious communities and mediates in the event of conflicts with public authorities. It is active in providing advice and mediating in construction plans for religious groups.

AmkA publishes journals, for example, the "Religionen der Welt – Gemeinden und Aktivitäten in der Stadt Frankfurt am Main" (Religions of the World - Communities and Activities in the City of Frankfurt am Main), which was published in 2003 in German and which was updated in 2006.
Moreover, each year an intercultural calendar is published that details the celebrations of the various peoples and religions.
Information on the possibilities of Islamic burial in Frankfurt is available in the German and Arabic.

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