Girls' Day

The Frankfurt Girls’ Day
On the last Thursday in April, companies and organisations throughout Germany invite girls to discover professions that are currently still “untypical for women”. The Girls' Day enables schoolgirls in year 5 and above to experience the world of work in tomorrow's careers or get to know female role models in management positions. The nationwide day of action provides early, practical career guidance.

Why a Girls' Day?
Many companies and businesses in forward-looking technical sectors are already complaining abut the lack of qualified new entrants. Too many girls and young women still concentrate on a narrow range of careers when choosing a training scheme or subject, and they ignore important sectors. Despite generally good school-leaving qualifications, they frequently find themselves in occupational fields with comparatively meagre labour market opportunities and career and earnings prospects.

How can you get involved?
You can invite schoolgirls to Girls' Day – Girl's Future Day. You can enter your Girls' Day initiative on the website so that girls, parents, teachers and other interested parties can download information from the internet.

Girls' Day 2007, © Stadt Frankfurt am Main
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Girls' Day 2007, © Stadt Frankfurt am Main
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