Protection from violence and violence prevention

The Department for Women's Affairs campaigns to reduce violence against women. To this end we undertake targeted public relations, support initiatives and actively promote the required infrastructure. In addition to women's refuges and counselling centres, the city of Frankfurt also supports drop-in centres for prostitutes, immigrant women and female refugees who are the victims of human trafficking.

Domestic violence
Unfortunately, violence against women in the home by the partner, and even by other male relatives, is still part and parcel of everyday life for many women. According to estimates, violence occurs in one in every three partnerships.

A professionally staffed hotline has been set up at the counselling centre for women in need, offering initial counselling over the telephone.
Telephone number: 069 709494

Reducing violence through prevention
We work alongside the city of Frankfurt's Council for Prevention of Crime and Violence and many other institutions in implementing the Protection Against Violence Act. The campaign “Violence is never private” and a leaflet on rights in regard to domestic violence are examples of this cooperation.

Sexual abuse of children and adolescents
Sexual abuse is any sexual act performed by an adult on a child/adolescent.
Because of his/her level of maturity, a child is unable to give free and considered consent or reject abusive acts. Typically the child knows the adult well and trusts him/her, and will therefore not expect this adult to do anything bad.
The perpetrator exploits his/her position of power and authority to satisfy his/her own needs at the child's expense.
Nowadays the term “sexual abuse” is frequently replaced by the concept of “sexualised violence” to make it clear that this is about violence and not about sexuality.