About us

How it began: A piece of hard-won power
The Department for Women's Affairs would not exist if it were not for the women's movement of the 60s and 70s. The early years were strident, heralding the end of diffidence. Founded in 1989, the Department for Women's Affairs believed in providing a lead and being provocative (with relish, what's more) to draw attention to the disadvantages facing women.

Nowadays: Equality and promotion
The Department for Women's Affairs today is first and foremost a service partner for all gender issues. It cooperates with agencies and departments and helps to implement gender mainstreaming in administration and politics. The current twin-track strategy is: Promoting women and gender mainstreaming.

We are working to ensure that

  • women have the same career and promotion prospects as men and
  • that they are not paid 23% less for the same work.
  • more women are involved in decision-making in business, administration and politics.
  • girls are not worse affected by unemployment and a shortage of trainee vacancies than boys.
  • women and men share housework and parenting.
  • women and girls everywhere are free to move without fear and are exposed to less psychological and physical violence.