Gender mainstreaming

Together they last longer: Promoting women and gender mainstreaming

The objectives are clearly defined: Equal opportunity and gender democracy.
What this means for the city of Frankfurt is ensuring that no-one is discriminated against on the basis of their gender, that women as well as men are involved in political decision-making, that the available resources are effectively employed so as to benefit men and women alike.

All of the city's activities and initiatives should recognise women's and men's different living conditions and needs. In order to achieve this, the city of Frankfurt employs a twin-track strategy: Promoting women and gender mainstreaming. The Department for Women's Affairs supports, shadows and advises agencies and departments in implementing gender mainstreaming techniques.

The Frankfurt approach
Gender mainstreaming starts with all political decisions, including those which at first sight do not appear to have any gender-specific relevance.

The following steps were taken in Frankfurt to implement gender mainstreaming:

  • Events in political committees
  • Information events for departmental employees of both sexes
  • Setting up a project group
  • Developing pilot projects in all departments
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