Policy on girls

Freedom for girls
Of particular concern to us are girls' needs in the areas of help for children and youths and youth vocational work. What is required here is to create and support space and programmes for girls that reflect and accommodate their wishes and the world as they know it. Our goal is equal participation by girls in all youth aid programmes and all socio-political activities.

Girls' cultural programmes
In addition, to provide girls with the cultural-artistic freedom they need if they are to develop, the Department for Women's Affairs also funds cultural programmes for girls. They help to develop and make the most of their social skills, ability to work in a team, tolerance, stamina, self-confident demeanour and creativity.

Expanding girls' career horizons
The Department for Women's Affairs strives to open doors for girls in technical and scientific areas and instil in them the curiosity and courage to become acquainted with new careers.

Increasing opportunities for training leading to a qualification
We support girls who have had a difficult start in their personal or school life. Despite the shortage of training places, they should also be given the opportunity to train and acquire a qualification.

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