Labour market

Our objective: Equal training, professional and career opportunities

Women nowadays are better professionally qualified than ever before. They are more frequently employed than they were and in many places – including Frankfurt – they are less frequently out of work than men. Girls are now ahead when it comes to school-leaving qualifications and almost all young women want to combine a career with a family.

But it's the same old story:
The labour market is still divided into women's and men's professions. On average women earn significantly less and they are less frequently represented in management positions. Career breaks, part-time work and Minijobs make it more difficult to earn an independent living and jeopardise qualifications acquired as well as promotion prospects. For immigrant women, inadequate German language skills, the failure to recognise qualifications and social prejudice can create further obstacles when accessing the labour market.

We promote activities and programmes that provide individual planning support to girls and women for their professional, life and career plans and enable them to take specific steps: professional training, further education and advanced training, retraining following a period of unemployment or maternity leave, starting a job or making an independent living.