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Partner City since 25 October 1979

Partner City since 25 October 1979


14 million


Cairo, the capital of Egypt, is known to Egyptians as "El Kahira" – “the Victorious”. Here in the city on the Nile, Arabic tradition and western modernity meet head to head. Visitors have the unique opportunity of reliving thousands of years of history in a single day. Cairo also serves as the seat of government, the city is home to the Egyptian Parliament, the highest court and all central authorities. Cairo also stands at the focal point of Sunnite Islam. Al Azhar, the city´s main university, is known to be one of the world´s oldest places of learning.


Cairo has an opera house and a number of theatres as well as countless museums, including the Egyptian Museum, the Museum of Islamic Art, the Coptic Museum, and many more.


West of the Nile, the Sphinx and the pyramids from the eras of the great Egyptian Pharaohs rise majestically out of the desert. The ancient city of Cairo, located on the eastern banks of the Nile, is home to some of the earliest places of Christian worship. Fatimite caliphs and Mameluke sultans left behind a fascinating medieval city, crowned by the 12th century citadel of Salah-Ed-Din (known to Europeans as ”Saladin”).

Other sightseeing destinations include:
• Mosques from the 9th, 10th, 13th, 14th, and 15th centuries
• Khan El-Khalili Bazaar
• Cairo Zoo
In the International Friendship Garden in Nasr City, visitors will find the “Frankfurt Gardens”, established in honour of Cairo´s friendly affiliation with the Main metropolis.