There isn't only one Frankfurt in this world ...

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Europe Frankford, IrelandFrankfurt/Oder (Link), GermanyFrankfurt am Main (Link), GermanyStadt Frankfurt (Wanzleben)Frankfurt (Markt Taschendorf), Germany Ireland:


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Frankfort, Washington, USA (Link) USA (West) Canada (South) and USA (East)Frankfort, Alabama, USAFrankfort, South Dakota, USAFrankfort, Illinois, USA (Link)Frankfort, Indiana, USA (Link)Frankfort, Ohio, USAFrankfort Springs, Pennsylvania, USA (Link)Frankford, Delaware, USAFrankfort, New Jersey, USAFrankfort, New York, USAFrankford, Ontario, Kanada (Link)Frankfort, Maine, USAFrankfort, Michigan, USA (Link)Frankfort, Kentucky, USA (Link)Frankfort, Tennessee, USAFrankford, Missouri, USAFrankfort, Kansas, USAFrankfort, Oklahoma, USA
USA (West)
USA (South)



South Africa Namibia Botswana Zimbabwe Mozambique Swazland Lesotho Frankfort, südlich von Johannesburg Frankfort, nordwestlich von East London

South Afrika:


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