Who is not required to obtain a badge?

  • Certain vehicles may qualify for automatic exemptions (generelle Ausnahmen) (see Link at side of page).
  • special exemptions (spezielle Ausnahmeregelungen) also apply in Frankfurt am Main.
  • Owners of vehicles that are not covered by the automatic exemptions or the special exemptions for Frankfurt am Main and are not issued with a badge may apply for an exemption at the Traffic Office (Straßenverkehrsamt).

The vehicles listed below can freely enter low emission zones (Umweltzone):

  • Mobile machinery and equipment
  • Plant machinery
  • Agricultural and forest traction vehicles
  • Two- and three-wheeled vehicles
  • Ambulances, doctor’s cars
  • Cars for disabled people (aG, H, Bl)
  • Vintage cars marked as H or 07 vehicles
  • Vehicles with special rights under § 35 of the German traffic regulations (e.g. police, fire, emergency and street-cleaning vehicles)
  • Germany army/NATO vehicles

From 1 January 2012, vehicles will only be allowed to enter the low emission zone with a green badge. Vehicles with a red or yellow badge will not be permitted.

Which specific exemptions may be applied for?

Under certain circumstances, exemption permits may be issued for entering the low emission zone (Umweltzone), for which a fee is payable. Here, the basic rule that will apply is ‘adaptation before exemption’. The following requirements must be fulfilled: the vehicle cannot be adapted and/or the owner of the vehicle is unable to acquire another low-emission vehicle for economic reasons.
When examining to see whether a person qualifies for exemption for economic reasons, the income limits in the judicial enforcement procedures under German civil law, below which attachment orders may not be issued, are applied, whereby the income is used to support one person and another dependant person (incl. rent and all other costs).
After setting a distrainable amount equal to EUR 100 as the limit, the following income limits were laid down in the distraint table drawn up on 1 July 2005 in terms of the feasibility of purchasing a replacement vehicle:

  • Non-dependant persons EUR 1180.00
  • Persons with one other dependant person EUR 1620.00
  • Persons with two other dependant persons EUR 1890.00
  • Persons with three other dependant persons EUR 2190.00
  • Persons with four other dependant persons EUR 2570.00
  • Persons with five other dependant persons EUR 3154.15

For what purposes may an exemption permit be granted?

Exemption permits are granted in the following circumstances:

  • Trips carried out in pursuit of important, private business that cannot be postponed such as driving a vehicle to/from a residential address within the low emission zone (Umweltzone), regular medical treatments (dialysis etc.), shift workers whose shift regularly starts or ends during times at night when no public transport facilities are available.
  • Persons in possession of a yellow parking permit issued to certain groups of severely disabled person by federal states.
  • Trips spanning a maximum period of 6 months that are made to cover supply requirements for provable contract work, to obtain spare parts or to stock up or equip.
  • Trips in vehicles for which at least 27 complete years have passed since they were first registered and which are henceforth considered to be recognised vintage cars displaying an H badge on the basis of a specialist’s report.
  • Trips made by coaches for which a technical adaptation of the vehicle would void the engine’s guarantee.
  • Trips carried out to deliver vital goods and services to the local population, such as emergency lift services, transport of conserved blood, doctors on regular patient call-outs, building repair services etc.
  • Trips made to carry out maintenance work on production processes, such as the repair of essential installations or trips by vehicles on limited runs within the low emission zone (Umweltzone) for special purposes (heavy goods vehicles, mobile cranes, cement mixer lorries etc.), as long as these vehicles are not classified as self-propelled work machinery.
  • Trips made by fairground operators to and from fairgrounds within the low emission zone (Umweltzone).
  • Vehicles on test drives or delivery trips issued with temporary plates, red number plates under § 16 of the Vehicle Registration Regulation (VRR) or export plates under § 19 VRR.
  • Special vehicles with high acquisition or adaptation costs on limited runs within the low emission zone (Umweltzone), such as heavy goods transporters, mobile cranes and similar vehicles, as long as these vehicles are not classified as self-propelled work machinery.
  • Trips carried out with special vehicles that (due to their design) either embody a commercial idea in their own right or are used as points of sale, such as London taxis, ice-cream vans, historical vehicles used for weddings or city tours, market sales vehicles or special vehicles used for filming purposes.

How and where is the application made?

You can apply for an exemption permit by writing to the Traffic Office (36.33), Gutleutstraße 191, 60327 Frankfurt, telephone ++ 49 (69) 212 40582, e-mail: ausnahmen.stvo@stadt-frankfurt.de.

What proof must be furnished when making the application?

A copy of the vehicle registration certificate or Part I of the registration document, proof that the vehicle cannot be technically adapted and proof of income or a certificate issued by a tax consultant confirming that purchasing another vehicle is impossible for economic reasons.

How much does the exemption permit cost?

A fee is payable for issuing the exemption permit (the calculation basis is the administrative costs ordinance issued by the Hessian Ministry for the Environment, Agriculture and Consumer Protection).

  • EUR 20 for 1 month-long permit
  • EUR 50 for a 6 month permit
  • EUR 100 for a permit that runs to the end of 2009

A permit can only be issued to run up to 31.12.2009.

What is the fee levied for rejected exemption applications?

EUR 20 is charged for rejected applications. In such cases, the applicant is informed in advance in writing, allowing him/her to withdraw his/her application in writing.

Who is not entitled to receive an exemption permit?

Trips carried out by the following groups are not eligible for exemption permits to enter the low emission zone (Umweltzone):

  • Tourists
  • Those on shopping or sightseeing trips
  • Those transporting children to/from day centres, schools etc.
  • Those attending evening classes
  • Visits by people to provide care for relatives who live in the low emission zone (Umweltzone)
  • Workers with inconvenient working hours whose place of work lies no more than 400 m from the edge of the low emission zone (Umweltzone). (In such cases, they are reasonably expected to cover this short distance by foot).

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