Fine particle badges

As of 1st January 2012, only vehicles with a green badge on their windscreen are allowed to travel in the Frankfurt Low Emission Zone.

This applies to through-traffic and also for residents of the Low Emission Zone. The regulation applies to all passenger vehicles, regardless of the type of engine (petrol, diesel or gas - and electric engines). Vehicles registered abroad also require a green badge in order to enter the Low Emission Zone.
Badges are assigned to a vehicle based on the emission code in the vehicle registration certificate or Part I of the vehicle registration document. The badges can be obtained at all recognised test centres, at garages authorised to carry out emissions checks and vehicle registration authorities. The badges may also be obtained at Frankfurt municipal offices (see link opposite).
The use of badges is mandatory both for transitory traffic and for residents of low emission zones (Umweltzonen). The regulation applies to private vehicles and commercial vehicles alike, irrespective of the type of engine (internal combustion engines - petrol, diesel or gas - and electric motors). Vehicles that have been registered abroad must also display the badge in order to enter low emission zones (Umweltzonen).